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Recreational Pilot Permit - Aero

If you’re old enough to start driving, you can start flying! The Recreational Pilot Permit’s minimum age requirement is just 16! If you’re aching to get up in the air, but aren’t old enough for the Private Pilot Licence, or if you’re just looking to start a new hobby filled with as much excitement needed in a lifetime, this course is the perfect fit for you!

The Recreational Pilot Permit is a Transport Canada approved course intended for those who wish to fly as a hobby! Individuals are limited to day VFR and can have no more than one passenger.

Admission Requirements


open all
year round

Program Requirements

  • Minimum of 25 hours of flight training
  • 15 hours dual (2 hour cross-country)
  • 5 hours solo
  • 60% or higher on the RPPAE written exam


Click here for our price list for the Cessna 152
Click here for our price list for the Cessna 172


JoinAir Policies

(This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of
Advanced Education, Skills & Training.)


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Finished my fixed wing flight training at this Flight Training Unit after several years of hiatus. The instructors and staff are consummate professionals, and brought me back up to speed for my written and flight exams with ease. I've also done about an hour of rotary wing instruction with Craig Joiner, who was extremely skilled in both flying and instruction. Now with nearly 100 hours of flight under my belt, I cannot recommend JoinAir highly enough!
Kelsey F
Kelsey F
I have always wanted to get my PPL and when Craig decided to expand his company to fixed wing training as well as helicopters, I jumped at the chance to get my Private Pilot License. Everyone was amazing to deal with, supportive, and flexible so I could get it completed around my schedule. I wouldn't hesitate to (and already do) recommend this company to anyone in the Fraser Valley who is looking to get their private pilot license in a fun and cost effective way!
Khaif Sha
Khaif Sha
Dan Robertson
Dan Robertson
Best training facility in Canada. Craig is extremely knowledgeable and a excellent training pilot. If you're thinking about getting your helicopter licence, you wont find a better place.
Luc Melanson
Luc Melanson
Great place to get a pilots licence, or advanced training!
Daryl Todd
Daryl Todd
I recently completed my flight training at Joinair. It was an excellent experience, Craig is one of the best in the business, with way more real world flying experience than other guys I looked at training with. Super flexible as well which worked well for my ever changing schedule. And the location of the school is a major bonus, within minutes you're on the river or in the mountains
Danny W
Danny W
I just recently finished my commercial helicopter pilots license at Joinair and I am grateful for the amount of knowledge and expertise from my instructor Craig Joiner. He came highly recommended as one of the top helicopter instructors in Canada and I can definitely see why. When it was time to take my final written exam and flight test I was fully prepared and skilled to do well! I highly recommend Joinair to anyone looking into getting their pilots license. Give the Joinair family a call and you will never look back!
Brad K
Brad K
Awesome training. Craig Joiner is second to none with his expertise, teaching and actual helicopter industry experience.
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