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The 126719 Rolex is an extraordinary edition of the modern Rolex GMT Master II that debuted in 2018. It is presented in Rolex’s proprietary and nearly flawless 18kt white gold and features a three-link Oyster bracelet and the highly coveted Pepsi bezel. The bezel insert is patented by Rolex as “Cerachrom.” It is produced from ceramic material and features a stunning deep blue and red insert to distinguish between day and night hours. While other variations of the white gold and ceramic Pepsi bezel GMT Master II have also been released since the ref. 126719’s initial debut, the edition that you see here today remains the only one that displays the time on a unique deep blue Maxi dial. It also runs on an older cal. 3185 Perpetual movement, setting it apart from other variations of the ref. 126719 and making it a bit of a collector’s item on the used Rolex market. It also notably utilizes improved Chromalight lume. This exquisite pilot’s watch is an excellent opportunity to add a white gold GMT Master II to your collection with a rare blue dial.

Brand : Dewaly
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