Mining for Just the Right Match: How a Recruiter can help manage a Candidate’s Career

Before resumes are shared and interviews are booked, some hard questions must be answered. Russ Buckland, Director at Lincoln Strategic has over thirty years of experience answering these questions for multinational mining and heavy industrial clients, governments, and specialty executive research firms. He says, “Employers need to be clear about expectations, needs, corporate culture, sustainability and social licence to operate. Candidates need to really know who they are and what makes them happy. What are their intrinsic capabilities, values and personality traits? What are they looking for above and beyond a position in a company?” A recruiter can bring these two worlds together. A relationship must be cultivated with a recruiter so that the recruiter can truly understand what both parties are looking for. Trust is imperative. A recruiter knows that a fit is something that can’t be assessed if the only thing on the table is a skill set on a resume. Especially before employers invest in a new candidate or an employee uproots their life for a new job.
“Once a recruiter understands what a candidate is looking for and how their unique qualities will mesh with a given company, a partnership can ensue. Recruiters can help the candidate set career goals and find niches that they are drawn to, discuss the value of continuous learning, figure out salary expectations and set career trajectories” Russ Buckland, LSI Director
With baby boomers moving out and the new generation coming in, recruiters can help navigate how roles can change, the impact of automation and technology on jobs, and how predictive indexes can be used to bring companies and candidates together. Employees are more discerning and independent than ever before. They want a job that fits their skill set and their lifestyle. Employers need to work harder to entice top talent and continue to develop teams along the way. Looking for a new job is a full-time job. Most people don’t have the time to take it on while working in their current role. A recruiter can offer time savings, a larger network, and opportunities in different lanes that may not have been on the radar. In short, it is a true partnership. An agent of change that wants the candidate to find a fulfilling position in a corporate culture that fits. A win-win for everyone.
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Lincoln Strategic International is a human capital consulting firm with a core specialty of executive search and technical recruitment and is focused exclusively on the mining and minerals industry.  LSI partners with mining companies, engineering & consulting organizations, technical services firms, private equity, and other mining industry technology providers to help them acquire top talent around the globe.

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